Grand Cards: Get That Man a Baseball Card: Alex Avila

Friday, August 7, 2009

Get That Man a Baseball Card: Alex Avila

The son of the Tigers assistant GM made his major league debut yesterday afternoon and immediately performed better than all of the other Tigers backup catchers have this season. 2-4 with an RBI double for his first big league hit is the kind of call-up performance that gets you a shout out around these parts. Not too bad for a 2008 draftee only a year removed from college. Let's Get That Man a Baseball Card, because if yesterday was any indication, we don't want to ignore his potential impact on what could be a memorable 2009 stretch run for the Tigers.


  1. A catcher with some offensive potential? What a concept! ;)

  2. I'm pretty sure I went to high school with this kid. Any idea if he went to Archbishop McCarthy in Broward County, Florida?

    BTW, he went 2-4 in his second game with a home run and four RBI.

  3. Yeah he did. He was also in Michigan for part of his high school years, but I'm not sure where he went to school and played ball.

  4. Was at the game Friday and saw his rather long home run.

    He has fairly nice swing in contrast to Laird who is just hacking away up there.