Grand Cards: Beardy has company; Permanently, Partially, Temporarily

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beardy has company; Permanently, Partially, Temporarily

What could that possibly mean?

Oh my god, this exists. Beloved local O's blogger Beardy has company--in force.

Partially (& Temporarily)
I just found out about this yesterday from MGoBlog, and I'm already two weeks late in the game:

I feel compelled to participate--I can't handle another 3-9 season. Alumni Unite!

Not a Michigan Man? Even the Mets are on board. It really makes you think about what could have been this year, eh Mets fans? After all, the Tigers have embraced the power:

Although maybe if Curtis Granderson would embrace and expand on what he once had they'd be able to build on that slim first place lead.

Coincidence that the Tigers also had this on the team in their 2006 World Series year?

From Grand Cards

I don't think so.


  1. Holy crap! Beardymore? Really?

  2. For the record, beard is coming in nicely. This is actually nice to do because it's always good to refresh yourself on if--should you choose to grow a beard--it will be think and full and glorious.