Grand Cards: Iconic.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Are you ready, because this is going to be big. The most Iconi...wait, oh, I'm sorry. It turns out these cards are better classified as "Mediocre" or "OK", but UDOK doesn't have the same ring to it as "Icons." So, without further ado, I give you the only two cards from 2009 Upper Deck Icons that I have or ever plan on possessing.

2009 UD Icons #27 Curtis Granderson

2009 UD Icons #27 Curtis Granderson Red (Retail)

These are the types of cards where when you have one of them you think, "hey, this isn't that bad. I'm ok possessing this card," which pretty much sums up my feelings on it as well. It's not bad. But man, can you picture a set of these suckers? That will be a boring, awful set--kind of if you only went after the base set of 2008 UD Heroes with none of the colorful variation. Even a team set seems too much to bear.

Never fear though because red parallel versi...oh, seriously? Those look worse than the regular cards? Note to card companies: if a parallel looks worse than the base card (chances are that if can see a reflection of myself taking a picture of the card it will be worse) than it shouldn't be produced. In this case, we have a card that defies the laws of physics by being both dull and too reflective (?). And why does the regular card have foil on the logo but not the name and the foil-y card have regular printing for the logo and a name I can't read? Ugh. No more analysis of these cards, please.

So there we go. The only two Curtis Granderson cards in UD Icons. They are perfectly nice, and will quietly occupy two slots in a binder page, buried between some other 2009 miscellany where I can fondly reflect on them in due time. Just don't make me talk about them any more.


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