Grand Cards: A Champion's Stache: #14 Enos Cabell

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Champion's Stache: #14 Enos Cabell

In light of my newfound commitment to the greater good that is the collective power of Michigan fans growing mustaches for the September 5th opening game, I thought it best to recall a time 25 years ago when Mustaches led our own Detroit Tigers to their last World Series Championship

Back from vacation means no more prescheduled posts, and the return of non-mustache related content. Judging by the web stats, it is, well, not very popular. Nonetheless, I would feel quite silly showing the worst 5 mustaches of the team and just stopping there, so the daily mustache post must continue. Also, I'm going to make these a little more applicable as to how they affected the '84 team, instead of just an empty tirade about the power of the mustache. There's no place for that here--this is a sensible blog that values facts, analysis and aesthetic. I'll leave the rhetoric to these guys as I enter the final two weeks.

Today, Enos Cabell shows us how he hit a career high .311 in 1983 with the Tigers.

1984 Topps #482 Enos Cabell

He's got a pretty good stache going, but he was granted free agency after the 1983 season and didn't play for the '84 championship team. His loss, primarily at 1st Base, was more than made up for my Dave Bergman, as we will see later on in this list. Even more, Enos was a downgrade from the moment he became a Tiger. Sure, his numbers were better than his predecessor for whom he was traded in 1982, but do you really think that he could live up to this?

1981 Topps #27 Champ Summers

Whooo boy, that's a net negative right off the bat. Even with his .311 batting average, Cabell's career high (!) .769 OPS, 16 Walks, 5 Home Runs and 4 Stolen Bases compared to the 8 Caught Stealing just weren't the production that a team needs out of a 1B/DH (or out of anyone, really). So he was jettisoned and a man with greater lip fortitude took over as the primary first basemen during the 1984 campaign.

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