Grand Cards: The Million Dollar Question

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Million Dollar Question

Now that the trade deadline has passed and Jarrod Washburn is safely in the Tigers' clutches, it's time to ask the Million Dollar Question: Will Luke French's Topps Rookie card be as a Tiger or as a Mariner?

Jaybee's already has the list of the big rookies that will debut with Topps Updates & Highlights. There is is clear as day:

CHR53: Luke French.

Not too long ago, I requested that Topps Get Luke French A Baseball Card after his stellar debut with the Tigers. I'm glad to see that they clearly take this blog as the gospel for new rookie card demand (How else can you explain CHR17, CHR55, and my favorite, CHR01 (!) that all hail from my "Get That Man A Baseball Card" segment, or its "Hello:" precursor.

But now the tricky part--French started as a Tiger but was traded to the Mariners. U&H is typically set up to recognize trades made by the deadline, which gives me the sinking feeling that he won't be in an Old English D in the set. Oh well, at least they're including him, unlike the inexcusable exclusion of Jair Jurrjens' Rookie Card from the 2007 set before he was traded away to the Braves.


  1. hey i was wondering if you would like this card i posted about a couple months back..... take a look and if you are just drop a email....
    its a Justin Verlander sweetspot autograph card in red ink...

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  4. It may or may not matter to you but Luke French's first cards [considered a rookie card because it was in a set with MLB players] was in 2004 SP Prospects.