Grand Cards: The Best Granderson Card You've Never Seen

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Best Granderson Card You've Never Seen

Last year, UD Ballpark Collection offered a handful of Granderson relic cards that put him toe to toe with some other fine players in the game. Perhaps you've heard about these cards? Sure, they were nothing special--seemed a bit like a throwaway set at the time, but they had their relative merits. What was lost on everyone was the fact that there were actually non-relic base cards thrown in there, somewhere. With all the cards numbered consecutively (what? I don't get a UDBC-GRGTBW for my numbering?), it went rather unnoticed that card #38, was just a good ol' fashioned base card. That fact went further unnoticed when the base card couldn't be found anywhere.

I'm serious. I saw the card one time--the day that Ballpark Collection hit eBay via the people who break open cases of the stuff, before it was widely available to us lay people. I never once saw the card again. I've seen a million of the Granderson/Upton cards, plenty of the Quad Relics and a handful of the 6x cards, but I've never seen the base card since.

So that's it. I just wanted to let you know that it exists, but that I haven't seen it save for one day.

Ok, fine.

2008 UD Ballpark Collection #38 Curtis Granderson

Are you kidding me?! There were cards like that in Ballpark Collection? Maybe I'm totally off-base here, but that is a fantastic looking card. It blows all of the relics etc. out of the water. Explain to me, then, why the whole set wasn't like this? It has that "Artifacts" vibe to it, but the wood sets it apart. The gold foil and "Ballpark Collection" logo looks sharp and they've used an outstanding picture of Curtis Granderson that hasn't been used in any other card. Spring Training (notice the away jersey, home helmet), with a huge smile. Fantastic.

The fact that more cards aren't like this is sad. Mostly, it is sad because it shows you that the companies are capable of producing good looking cards but seem to lose their way somewhere along the line. It boggles my mind that it has taken me a year to track this card down, and now that I have it, I'm happy to share it with all of you. So there it was, the best Curtis Granderson card that you've never seen, now available for all to see (On Zistle too!).

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