Grand Cards: A Champion's Stache: #11 & #12 Rapid Fire Edition

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Champion's Stache: #11 & #12 Rapid Fire Edition

Oh life, how you get in the way sometimes. Nonetheless!

In light of my newfound commitment to the greater good that is the collective power of Michigan fans growing mustaches for the September 5th opening game, I thought it best to recall a time 25 years ago when Mustaches led our own Detroit Tigers to their last World Series Championship

Just as how you may remember our talented number 13 as the team leader in HR and RBI during the 1984 season, (interestingly, an article in the Free Press today indicated that neither the '68 or '84 championship teams had a player with 100 RBIs, and suggested that Miguel Cabrera's recent red-hot streak could change that if the Tigers make it to the World Series) you may remember our #12 for something else.

Catching the final out of the World Series. Sidenote: guess what there's not a good picture of. Larry Herndon catching the final out of the World Series. You'd think that that would be something that was captured and made available somewhere, but nope, note really. Weird. Anyway, he was fully stached when he made the catch.

1984 Topps #333 Larry Herndon

As for number 11, we get our first hispanic mustache of the team--Detroit's squad was a melting pot of styles and cultures, and Juan Berenguer was not one to be excluded.

1984 Topps #174 Juan Berenguer

The #4 starter on the squad had a pretty solid season, going 11-10 with a 3.48 ERA and 118 strikeouts. His ERA+ was a cool 113 so you know he was alright.

Adding in Herndon and Berenguer we've added another starter and another man from the rotation. Will the players on the list get more prestigious as their mustaches become more prominent and robust? That, my friends, remains to be seen. As we crack the top 10 tomorrow.

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