Grand Cards: 2009 Topps Retail Parallel Group Break

Saturday, February 28, 2009

2009 Topps Retail Parallel Group Break

Ok, so here's what I'm thinking. Sorry if it's a slight rehash from what I said yesterday. I want the Black and Gray Detroit Tigers retail parallels offered at Target and Walmart, but I don't feel the need to splurge on a whole bunch of blasters that will fail to guarantee that I get anywhere close to a set. I also want to avoid exorbitant shipping costs that come from buying these cards individually. So I've decided, if there is enough demand, to do a Group Break on these. Of course, this is all contingent on my local Target and Walmart actually having these blasters (last I checked the Target near my work didn't have ANY 2009 Topps--nothing at all), but I'm willing to go on a bit of recon to find them.

I'm not so sure about the specifics, but I was thinking maybe $5 per person? The average team set has about 10-12 cards in it and I'm thinking of getting 2 Walmart and 2 Target (320 Cards). Since I'm not trying to lose money on the proposition, that would require 16 people at $5 to participate in the break. Given the readership on this blog, I'm not sure that's doable. If we can get 13 people I can do it at $6.

To be more inclusive, and for set builders, I will also offer slots for the "leftover cards." For the same price as a team collector, you can buy the rights to all unclaimed Black or Gray cards within a certain number range. For example, Let's say you buy the rights to card numbers 1-20. Upon the break, I pull 1 Tiger, 2 Indians and 4 Dodgers--you would get the remaining 13 cards in that range.

Make sense?

If you are interested, please let me know in the comments section. So far, I've got interest from:

Night Owl: Dodgers
Baseball Dad: Indians
Dinged Corners: Mets

With me, that leaves us with 12 to go, and I'm just hoping there's enough interest out there to fill it up.

To sum, you may purchase a team or a the rights to an unclaimed card slot (for set builders: could be a range of unclaimed cards to depending on the number of teams-more on this as details emerge). This is not a firm commitment (i.e. no money down), but if the interest is there I will solidify the commitments, buy the cards, and we'll be on our way!

Also, if there is lots of interest, we can push it to 3 blasters of each--I just thought that 2 would be a good starting point.