Grand Cards: Ultimate Checklist: 2008 Upper Deck

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ultimate Checklist: 2008 Upper Deck

Ok, last bit of content for the night.
2008 Upper Deck SQ-39 Starquest Ultra Rare
I know that I'm a Topps Collector at heart, but man do I really like Upper Deck's cards. As a player collector and a team collector, Upper Deck is a god-send. In 2008 There were three "base" Granderson cards. #385, #499 and #785. The first and last of these were highlights cards, shown here.
2008 Upper Deck #385 Curtis Granderson
2008 Upper Deck#785 Curtis Granderson
Finally, a shot of Curtis swinging the bat. There have been a whole lot of baserunning cards this year haven't there? I find this photography to be stupendous and really pops out among a collection full of Grandersons. Each of these base cards also exists in a Gold Version #/99, which is harder to find than you might imagine, given all the cards numbered to 99 or fewer that are out on the marketplace. Regardless, these don't pop up on eBay often and routinely sell for more than they should.

There is also the "Starquest" series of inserts, the rarest of which is featured at the top of this post. There are 5 cards in all:

Super Rare
Ultra Rare

The Starquest cards are all well and good, and apparently have a code on them where you can win something in Upper Deck's Toppstown equivalent world. Sounds great.

There is an autographed card in this release as well, a "Season Highlights Autograph" of Curtis Granderson that will pop up on occasion. Unfortunately, I don't have this card to show off. In all, Upper Deck produces a beautiful set that is well worth collecting, especially for individual players and teams. The cards are affordable, attractive and easy to find. From what I've seen, the 2009 version upholds the high standards that Upper Deck has put in place.

Programming Note: We're down single digits on Ultimate Checklist posts. Remaining Sets include: Goudey, Heroes, Premier, Spectrum, Sweet Spot, Timeline, Ultimate Collection and the beloved UDX. Stay tuned in the days ahead, as I've got many good pictures of these sets to share.