Grand Cards: Ultimate Checklist: 2008 Topps Stadium Club

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ultimate Checklist: 2008 Topps Stadium Club

The highly anticipated return of Stadium Club featured Curtis Granderson on Card #6. Earlier this month, Dinged Corners issued a challenge to those who believed that there was a Stadium Club card that could top the one that they found of David Wright. Being brand-new to blogging at the time and not wanting to miss a chance to sing the praises of Curtis Granderson to the rest of the collecting world I submitted a compelling case for this card:
"#6: Curtis is on the run. His pants are already dirty, despite clearly being on first base. It is cold outside, and only the most hard-core fans have stuck around on this cold Michigan spring evening. Curtis has used his telepathic powers to fool the first baseman into going in the opposite correction of him. The two have created a visual chalice—Da Vinci Code style—a fact that did not go unnoticed by the photographer who wished to convey the religious-like power that Granderson embodies. His fingers are taped, his socks are up and his neck is weighed down by magic titanium power necklaces, as if to say not even broken fingers, extra weight and good style can stop me from taking third base before the ball gets out of the infield. The background exudes vintage baseball stadiums, three different shades of green, with a bright yellow line that makes you wonder why oh why replay was ever needed.

Curtis’ eyes are on the prize. He is already looking at the third base coach despite barely being past the first baseman. He is going to score. He knows it. You know it. The kid in the red with his arms up knows it—and he hasn’t even gotten to second yet."
Well, I knew that there were nicer cards than #6, but I did my best. Sadly, no other bloggers were swayed by my oratorical gem.

It turns out that Stadium Club is a simple release for Curtis. Card #6 come in Base (#/999), First Day Issue, Blue Photographers Proof (#/99), Gold Photographers Proof (#/50), Platinum Photographers Proof (1/1) and Printing Plates. The "gem" of the set is a 1 of 1 Sketch Card, which actually just sold on eBay this week for $36. I like the design and concept of the sketch card, but I think, in general, they tend to look a little plain. However, since it's a 1 of 1 I'll swipe the image and put it here for posterity. Also, word on the street is that cards divisible by 3 have different pictures for their base cards and 1st day issue cards--something that has made collecting cards (especially rookie cards) a bit of a pain. I haven't confirmed this, but now that I think about it I haven't seen a non-first day issue or photographers proof of #6 at all. Has anybody else?

Anyway, that's it for Stadium Club, short and sweet. I haven't gotten my hands on any of these cards, but they certainly seem like the kind of cards that a player collector would be happy to have.

UPDATE: After doing a little more research, the beckett checklist says that the regular "base" card is #/999 while the First Day Issue card is unnumbered. That change has been made, but it sounds like there may be some additional trickeration that Beckett isn't up on.