Grand Cards: Sketch Card Update

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sketch Card Update

For those of you keeping score, there are now FOUR "1 of 1" sketch cards of Ty Cobb from 2009 Topps. While better than the Stadium Club fiasco, in which there were marginally different versions of Curtis Granderson, these Sketch Cards at least look fundamentally different from one another. Again, I realize that each of these cards is a 1 of 1, but most people, including myself, were led to believe that there would be one sketch card of each player. This confusion will lead to higher prices and buyer frustration sooner rather than later. Here's a rundown of what we've got so far:

So, when picking up these "1 of 1"s on eBay, use the judgement that you should be using on all of your purchases. Buy the card if you like it--don't get caught up in the 1 of 1 madness. Know that the card is rare, is unique and is something that you'll enjoy. Keep things in perspective and you'll be fine.

This "1 of 1" Watch will continue in perpetuity to try and determine how many of these sketch cards were produced.