Grand Cards: Weekend Trade Catch-Up (Part 3 of 3)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Trade Catch-Up (Part 3 of 3)

In the spirit of my trade partner on this one, here is a late-night post for you all to enjoy. I hope that those of you that watched enjoyed the Oscars and are now ready for a baseball-related break. Greg (not that Greg) of Night Owl Cards hit the nail exactly on the head when it came to this trade. A few weeks ago I sent him a bunch of old 1991 Topps from my collection as a youngster to help him finish his set. To return the favor, Greg set a package that was LOADED with cards to help me with some of mine.

First, a handful of stunning 2006 Upper Deck cards. I think that this set was absolutely killer and a nice visual departure from other foil laden sets. Yeah, there's foil, but that big, bold last name that sits there without obscuring the picture is just really nice. I'm a big fan of this set. And why wouldn't I be?
Up next, a few recent Topps Heritage cards to help me get my fledgling collection off the ground. I'm not actively pursuing these cards, but I've added them to my wantlist in the hopes that some people will discard their unloved Tigers in my direction. I would not be surprised if I start going after these as soon as this year. At the very least, this is a good start:
Onto the money cards. First up, a 1957 Topps Detroit Tigers team card. It is out of focus. It's corners are round. It is incredible. Thank you so much--I love these old cards and this one has found a very, very good home.

A couple of 1973s follow and are accompanied by a Mickey Lolich card befitting of a true Tiger Collector--somebody who showed off his card to friends, took it with him to school and even tried to get it autographed on more than one occasion. It too has found a good home, creases, bends and all.
One of my favorite cards of all time, which I KNEW that I had in my collection but when I started back up a few years ago couldn't find, is this Travis Fryman card:
As you may know, Travis Fryman is one of my all time favorites and this card is a big reason why. I loved these Upper Deck checklist cards with the player paintings, and as a kid Fryman with a freaking Tiger just couldn't be beat. Love It.

Finally, how could I get a card of Sweet Lou and not post it?

Thank you to the Night Owl for this outstanding trade. I will keep my eyes trained on your wantlist in the future to try and take advantage of your uncanny ability to pull Tigers.

Thank you to all of my recent trade partners--your generosity has gone above and beyond what I ever could have expected. If you're interested in trading with me, just shoot me an email and we'll work something out. Goodnight everyone, and remember-today your team is in First Place.