Grand Cards: Retail Group Break Progress Repot

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Retail Group Break Progress Repot

Well, this has gone better than expected thus far. As of right now we're looking at:

Night Owl: Dodgers
Baseball Dad: Indians
Dinged Corners: Mets
Me: Tigers
Lake Effect Cards: Royals & Cubs
Hamiltonian: Rangers (tentative)
I Heart Halos: Angels
RogerL: Marlins & Rays

That gives us 10 teams, which is not too shabby, with Nachos Grande interested in the Patches & SPs (RogerL is too). For more clarification, I was planning on giving all cards from a given team to that person, including inserts, patches etc. I think that multi-player cards will be subject to Randomization between multiple claimants.

Also, I thought that I heard that the Target blasters wouldn't be out until April. Is that true? If so, would people still want to do a break of the Black Borders? I'm thinking 2 or 3 boxes. If somebody knows anything about the target cards, please pass it along.

I'd like to get at least 2 more teams in here and do 3 boxes for $5 per person (if the Walmart Cards are all that's available) or get 6 more teams and do 4 boxes. Once I get two more, I will update the list and confirm with each of you. Then, I will ask for the monies and pick up boxes on Monday with a Break Monday Night (if all goes according to plan). Sound good? Tell your friends--there are still a few good teams out there.

Thoughts? Suggestions?